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Inside the Deadhouse

Welcome to DEADHOUSE, your one stop shop for everything DAPHNE — who's Daphne, you say? Well, you can check out the spiel in my about page but I'll save you the trip with a brief introduction. I describe myself as a DIGITAL JESTER / MODERN RENAISSANCE MAN / LOCAL PSYCHIC, due to my exceptional humour, my myriad talents, and my unprecedented mystical powers. This is a personal/professional hybrid-site. Eventually you'll find my art, writing and maybe even movies on here down the line. As it stands, this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION as I teach myself HTML and CSS.

What's Next...

  • Adding a new page for the "you" navigation.
  • Start working on a webshrine.

What's New...

  • (05. 04. 2023) Added an 'about' section.
  • (05. 04. 2023) Added a nekocat to the homepage and relevant pages.
  • (05. 04. 2023) Added a guestbook to the homepage.
  • (05. 04. 2023) Added a "tamanotchi" to the homepage, as well as a link in build your own website.
  • (05. 04. 2023) Added a "clicksplosion" to the homepage.
  • (04.04. 2023) Added scrollable functions into the pages. Much neater!
  • (04. 04. 2023) Fixed crookedness of the astrodienst widget. Eventually I'll figure out the moon widget issue too...
  • (04. 04. 2023) Formatted about page to satisfaction, plus some side info and external links have been added. Next stop, an actual 'about' page...
  • (04. 04. 2023) Added some new trinkets to my hoard, plus a graphics section broken into themes.
  • (04. 04. 2023) Updated homepage greeting.